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Agile Mentoring & Consulting with Pawel Felinski

Develop your skills through practice in safe and supportive environment!

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Pawel Felinski

Agile Coach, Consultant, Trainer

Management consultant in the fields of strategy execution and new product development who works with IT as well as non-IT organisations around the world. Paweł brings focus on purpose, attention to detail, pragmatic approach to problem-solving. He has obtained consulting, coaching, facilitating and training experience in numerous industries, including gas and oil, big pharma, education, health, finance (banking and insurance), IT, retail, and telecom.

He shares his know-how acquired in 15 countries on 4 continents while supporting companies of various sizes – from large established corporations to dynamically developing companies to start-ups. His expertise spans many methods and approaches: agile product development (incl. the Scrum framework), lean management (incl. the Kanban Method), Design Thinking, Lean UX, and Systems Thinking.

Develop skills through practice during sessions with Pawel!

Join the coaching session if you:

  • Are an Agile practitioner determined to revolutionise your organisation's culture and foster alignment across the company.

  • Deal with senior leadership who perceives Agile as solely relevant to teams, overlooking its broader potential.

  • Seek guidance on scaling Agile practices and managing multiple teams.

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