Let your Workflow Evolve with Kanban

Practical Kanban training with Tony Richards

Course Overview

This course offers a practical approach, providing the knowledge and skills to design or improve a Kanban System. It consists of 4 modules teaching principles, practices, and hands-on experiences such as the Meirik Kanban Simulation.

Upon completing the course, you will confidently apply Kanban and navigate your team.

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for:

  • Leaders and team members in IT, marketing, HR, sales, and BPO domains.
  • Project and Program Managers
  • Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, and change agents involved in Agile transformations.
  • Anyone seeking work methods that ensure better customer orientation, greater involvement, quality, and predictability.

What will you learn?

After the course, you will:

  • Understand sources of dissatisfaction, demand and capabilities analysis,
  • Deal with multitasking and work disruptions,
  • Design Kanban boards according to your organisational needs,
  • Visualise various types of work or services (expedite, fixed date, standard, intangible)
  • Introduce and use Kanban metrics.
  • Ensure a continuous flow of work and value.

The training is purely practical and consists of hands-on team and individual exercises. You will design your tailored to your organisational needs Kanban Board.

Meet your instructor

Meet your instructor, Tony Richards, an Agile consultant, coach, and a Scrum Master with 20 years of experience across public and private organisations. Tony specialises in uncovering motivations and team dynamics to drive personal growth and organisational success.


  • Introduction to Kanban
  • Experiencing flow of work - game experience
  • The Kanban Method tools and practices
  • STATIK - technique to design a Kanban system
  • Creating your own Kanban system
  • Summary

What do our students say

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Awesome SCRUM with Meirik
It's a one place to help you discover, understand and advance your SCRUM knowledge and practice. Meirik's team is so focused, determined, and committed that you have no other way than succeed + friendly and very supportive))). I participated in 4 trainings and successfully passed all of them (PSMII, PSPOI, PSPOII, PSUI). What can I add? I just recommend that team: 10/10 (NSP score)))))

Dmitrii T


Meirik - always the best experience
Learning with Meirik trainers is always the best experience. They, besides their knowledge, know how to find the best pace to gain the information. They can "feel" what will be the best way to conduct the training. For sure! I'll back to the Meirik for more.

Marcin Niziol


This was my third Meirik course
This was my third Meirik course, and they have all been of the utmost quality. The Meirik trainers are highly knowledgeable and very skilled at delivery, maintaining a high level of energy and participation. The use of break-out rooms and virtual whiteboards delivered a learning environment that in some ways surpassed physical training. Highly recommended.



It was WOW
It was not a "Course", it was an exciting journey. I strongly recommend Meirik and Pawel if you want to make a deep dive into the PO area



Great training experience
Thanks for the amazing training opportunity, Meirik did a great job! The trainer was super knowledgeable and a very nice person in general. The lessons were very well structured, the content was useful and there were loads of practical exercises. Greatly recommend this training to everyone1

Juliya Zinovjeva


Fully engages for the whole training...
Fully engaged for the whole training period, instructor was knowledgeable and experience shared helped enhance the material


Great Britain

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*Get to know more about Kanban Systems Improvement training

If you are a leader, or Agile practitioner who already works in Kanban and want to scale out to multiple connected systems join Kanban Systems Improvement training!

Learn how to scale Kanban within an organisation and:

  • manage and optimise systems using metrics and evolutionary change
  • understand and respond to sources of delay, variability, and bottlenecks
  • apply techniques to improve or smooth the flow of work.


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