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September 7th, 18:00 BST / 19:00 CEST

Should the Product Owner delegate?

Join us live and get answers for all questions you may have!  What are Product Owner's accountabilities and possibilities to delegate? Get to know on the upcoming Agile Encounters live webinar.

We appreciate your interest! See you on webinar!
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Jul 6
Agile Encounters #
Objectives and Key Results (OKR) in practice

OKR is a goal-setting system creating alignment and engagement around measurable and ambitious goals. Used by companies such as Google, Netflix, or Linkedin. Get to know it together with Paweł & Scott. Wake the desire to achieve and simply do it!

Jun 1
Agile Encounters #
How to become an Agile Coach?

Scott Oliver & Paweł Feliński sharing their real life challenges, case studies & best tips for those who may want to become Agile coaches themselves.

Apr 20
Agile Encounters #
Impact Mapping in Practice

Achieve maximum impact with minimum effort using the Impact Mapping technique. It allows linking users, businesses, and technology together. It helps to manage stakeholders and motivate developers by providing clarity on why and what is delivered.

Mar 15
Agile Encounters #
Adopting Agile Mindset

There is no one way to change the organisation. However, there are experiences worth sharing and know-how worth discussing. Hear Paweł and Tonys’ experiences in business transformations with Agile gained during the last couple of years in the energy industry.

Feb 1
Agile Encounters #
Can you be a manager without knowing Agile?

Agile is not for all, of course. Some business problems simply require different ways of work. But can you be a manager in an industry in the XXI century without hearing of Agile at all?