Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Development Programmes

Reinventing your business to keep up with the challenges of the modern world needs strong foundations. Continuous professional development is only sometimes enough if you want to thrive. Our customers invest in capability building to assure long-lasting change that makes their business transformation happen.

We help companies develop their people as a critical component of their business strategy by providing professional development and training programmes focusing on improving leadership, management and team effectiveness.

Our development learning pathways are designed for organisations that want to develop their people's skills, knowledge and capabilities. We work with you to create a bespoke development plan for your organisation aligned with your strategy and targets so everyone benefits from insight, practical know-how and hands-on experience. Or you can select one of our out-of-the-box learning pathways to prepare your people for their new roles.

Business Solutions

Business Transformation

The world is changing at an increasing rate. Drive change by moving faster and rethinking your business model. Transform your business to keep up and harness new opportunities.

With our help, you can start to reinvent, gain capability and reinvigorate your organisation today. We will guide you on building a more nimble, resilient organisation whilst removing barriers to growth.

Enterprise Agility

Enterprise agility is a critical component of survival in today’s world. It allows you to adapt quickly, respond with confidence and be smarter. We can help your organisation build flexibility and resilience to transform at an increasing rate. We work with your business to develop a strategy based on developing capabilities and creating solid foundations for change.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a journey that many organisations are going through. Knowing what to do and when to do it is the key because the new ways of working require not only reorganisation but also building new capabilities. We can help with both.

Business Solutions

Strategy Execution

Set ambitious goals and achieve them. Organise for outcomes and align people on what matters. Become an expert in turning promising strategies into reality. We will help you.

Exciting new strategies aren’t of much use if they don’t get delivered. We help organisations become experts in turning strategy into reality. By making the right choices, we will ensure you get what matters done. We will also help you to execute your strategic intentions so that you can gain the maximum impact.

Our team of experienced consultants works with you to define and communicate objectives, identify risks and opportunities, and track progress so that you can achieve your ambitions.

Business Solutions

Consulting & Coaching

Short-term engagement is sometimes the right answer. You simply have a question and want to consult it with an expert in the field. Our experienced consultants will give you the right answers and facilitate your essential decisions.

Building on your strengths may be the best approach to achieving your professional and personal goals. We provide executive and leadership coaching to help you identify your strengths and grow.

Business Solutions


Reducing waste and unnecessary costs is a simple and effective way of improving your service. When your team is stuck, it’s time for an intervention.

Our powerful interventions are designed to help you and your team identify opportunities for change in its process, find the right solutions to solve your problems and improve your process in the right place where a slight shift leads to significant changes.

Business Solutions

Training for Business

The world needs skilled, passionate individuals to lead the change we all want to see. And so do you! We will help you and your team become experts and win in the long run by having what it takes to transform your organisation. Amplify your people’s professional development and lead the change you want to see in the world. Let us teach you how.

Learning is a continuous process that needs to be nourished and revisited. You can expect your people to develop the knowledge necessary for the long-term success of your team, see potential problems before they arise, establish meaningful relationships with customers, and make better decisions that result in increased productivity.

Our instructors are active practitioners of what they teach. They will share their real-life cases and experience applying the knowledge in practice. As a result, our training will give you and your team the advantage of confidence supported by solid competencies and a broader perspective.

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Business solutions provide the vital tools and resources needed to operate efficiently in today's competitive business environment. From optimising workflows, automating processes, and striving for exceptional customer service standards, a business solution can equip an organisation with incredible skills and capabilities to help propel it further along the path to growth. With its capacity to enhance collaboration across teams, provide access to data that can be used to generate meaningful insights, and ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction, the advantages resulting from properly implementing a business solution are undeniable. Business solutions can boost company profitability, reduce risks, and make it possible for businesses of any size to compete with larger organisations. It is no wonder why there is increasing demand for comprehensive business solutions worldwide. At Meirik, we precisely selected our Business Solutions portfolio to fit the needs of the majority of organisations.

Innovative solutions in the business refer to creative problem-solving strategies and processes that are used to provide fresh perspectives on existing or new products, services, processes, or ideas. By encouraging innovation from within an organisation and taking a more holistic approach to solving issues, businesses can generate novel solutions to their problems and explore new avenues for growth. Efforts to implement innovative solutions not only lead to cost and time savings for a business but can also increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, provide greater accessibility to innovative products and services, as well as open up potential new market opportunities. It is essential for businesses today to embrace this type of creative thinking in order to stay competitive in an ever-evolving market.

Digital transformation is how companies use technology to modernise their operations and develop new solutions to stay competitive. This could involve anything from automating processes, revamping customer experiences or shifting business models. It also requires realignment of corporate culture and inspired leadership as success hinges upon full employee buy-in. Working towards digital transformation requires thoughtful strategising as every element must form a cohesive unit; otherwise, the transition falters, and enterprises risk substantial financial losses instead of progress. By establishing an agile-lean organisational structure supported with advanced digital assets, organisations can make considerable inroads into realising the promise of digital transformation.

Enterprise agility is the capability of any company to identify, respond, and adapt quickly to changes in markets and customer trends. This enables companies to evolve their competitive strategies and processes and maintain a leadership position. Enterprise agility is centred on two primary components: organisational agility and technological agility. Organisational agility allows organisations to manage their structure, culture, people, and policies effectively. In contrast, technological agility allows them to successfully develop the capability for intelligent operations with analytics, mobile technology, cloud systems, etc., aligned with their business goals. As a result of enterprise agility, companies can successfully disrupt the market with innovative ideas by constantly responding to shifts in competition and engagement from customers.

An agile project manager is responsible for the successful execution of agile projects. They are typically involved in all aspects of the project, from initial planning to delivery. Agile project managers need to have a good understanding of agile principles and practices and apply them to their projects' specific needs effectively. They must also be able to work closely with other agile team members, including developers, testers and product managers, to ensure that the project is delivered on time and within budget. In addition, agile project managers must be able to communicate effectively with stakeholders and keep them updated on the progress of the project.

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