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The Transformative Journey to Become a Project Manager

Dmitrii's career began in a corporate world, where he navigated through well-defined rules and structures. An encounter with Tim Ferris's famous book sparked a passion for something more dynamic and exciting. So that he became an entrepreneur practising the Lean Startup approach.

The Importance of Defining Done: Why Your Team Needs a Definition of Done

Establishing a clear and well-defined Definition of Done can significantly enhance your team's productivity and success. By creating a shared understanding of what constitutes a completed work, you can improve communication, prevent missed deadlines, and increase motivation among team members. Check how and implement!

How to use the OKR technique to achieve business goals

OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) is a goal-setting framework that can help businesses achieve their objectives by establishing clear and measurable goals and identifying key results that indicate progress towards those goals.

How to use Agile beyond software to help your business transform

In the 1980s and 1990s, a growing number of software engineers noticed a new pattern emerging. They experienced greater success with their teams when working in increments and iterations.

Portfolio management with Kanban for high performing leadership teams

There is no formula for a successful leadership team. By their nature, leaders need to be decisive and confident. Combined in a team, each leader will contribute their unique style and approach.

How the energy sector succeeded with Scrum outside of IT

With Agile transformations enabling digital transformations across industries, there is no shortage of examples of Agile outside of IT. At Meirik we take into account each company’s unique context to find the optimal solution. We’re pragmatic and method agnostic.

Why your company needs a digital transformation

There has been a global movement towards digital transformation for over 20 years. The COVID-19 pandemic is estimated to have accelerated digital transformation across all industries and regions by 3-4 years.

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