The Transformative Journey to Become a Project Manager

Natalia Plewniok
August 24, 2023
The Transformative Journey to Become a Project Manager

Dmitrii's career began in a corporate world, where he navigated through well-defined rules and structures. An encounter with Tim Ferris's famous book sparked a passion for something more dynamic and exciting. So that he became an entrepreneur practising the Lean Startup approach. However, the growing desire to explore new avenues pushed him into IT. With this, Dmitrii began a challenging but genuinely transformative journey to embrace Scrum and other Agile methods, ultimately propelling him to become a successful project manager.

The entrepreneurial world as running a marathon

In the entrepreneurial world abundant in ideas choosing the right one and executing it seemed challenging. The journey felt like a never-ending marathon with no clear direction and many unexpected outcomes and timeframes.

Running a Marathon in Sprints: The Agile Approach

Scrum changed the game by breaking tasks into manageable bits accomplished in sprints, valuable increments, and a way to navigate uncertainty effectively. By adopting Agile principles, Dmitrii gained influence over his projects, leading to more efficient decision-making and greater predictability over what used to be unclear.

Opening the learning loop

The pivotal factor in Dmitrii's successful transformation was what he refers to as the "learning loop." He recognised the importance of continuous learning and applying new knowledge in practical scenarios. He embraced this mindset and opened the door to endless possibilities and growth.

As Dmitrii ventured into project management, he found himself amidst a never-ending professional development journey. Each day became an opportunity to acquire new skills, solve complex problems, and drive projects to success. This sense of fulfilment and progress became a driving force, propelling him enthusiastically forward.

The Meirik Training and Deepening Scrum Knowledge

Dmitrii's thirst for knowledge led him to explore resources to enhance his understanding of Scrum. Encouraged by a friend, he delved into the Scrum Guide, which was supposed to put some more light on Agile ways of working, but instead, it confused him even more. The Scrum Guide appeared too much to handle for someone who has never heard of Scrum. Discovering Meirik and our “Support for Ukraine” programme, offering various Agile training such as accredited courses, Kanban University certified courses, and practical Meirik Masterclasses, was a turning point. It allowed him to take his Scrum knowledge to new heights, learning how to apply it on a team level and from various business perspectives.

A Comprehensive Approach to Scrum

The Meirik Training offered more than just the surface-level understanding of Scrum. We showed how to apply Scrum in a business context through expert guidance, exploring different angles and understanding the organisation's role in the process. The training enriched his skills, making him a more effective project manager and empowering him to drive his business forward.

Conclusion: It all starts with courage

This journey is a testimony that anyone can change their career path with determination and a willingness to learn. The critical factor is having the courage to step out of your comfort zone, learn new skills, and apply them in real-world scenarios. Becoming a project manager may not be easy, but the joy and fulfilment it brings are immeasurable.

Embrace the learning loop, and let it guide you towards new horizons. Remember that the path to reinvention is paved with dedication, passion, and a commitment to professional growth. As Dmitrii stands today, he is proof that a career transformation is a rewarding adventure that knows no bounds.

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