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Impact Mapping

Impact Mapping


Impact Mapping is a powerful technique linking a business case, users’ needs, and scope. It helps to manage stakeholders and motivate developers by providing clarity on why and what is delivered. This 8 hour master class shows how to use Impact Mapping in practice and discusses typical applications of the technique in real-life cases.

Topics covered during the training include:

  • Product value and its dimensions
  • Value-driven prioritisation on Impact Map
  • Opportunities to manage stakeholders using the Impact Mapping
  • Opportunities to motivate developers using the Impact Mapping
  • Impact Map for a greenfield project
  • Impact Map for a brownfield project
  • Typical pitfalls while using the Impact Mapping technique
  • Connection with strategy
  • Connection with Product Backlog
Target audience

The advanced master class has been designed for experienced product development practitioners from both business and delivery organisations, such as sponsors, business representatives, Product Owners, project managers, product managers, product or UX designers, and developers. The course is also recommended for coaches or Scrum Masters supporting their product teams and willing to add Impact Mapping to their toolbox.

  1. Introduction
  2. Value-driven development
  3. Impact maps
  4. Facilitation of the impact mapping
  5. Summary
Aims and Objectives
  • Provide a broad and deep overview of the Impact Mapping technique.
  • Place Impact Mapping among other techniques enabling value-driven development and agile product management.
  • Practise working with Impact Mapping on real-life cases.
  • Discuss applications of the technique in product design and development.

There are no set prerequisites to attend the course. However, a solid understanding of Scrum and Agile fundamentals will be helpful. It is advised to attend a Product Owner training before joining the Impact Mapping training - the Professional Scrum Product Owner class (by is recommended.


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  • Courses always delivered by experienced Scrum practitioners who on a daily basis actively participate in Agile business transformations.
  • Small training group (up to 12 participants on scheduled class) allows for a maximum focus and quality experience of the interactive workshop.
  • All necessary course materials.
  • A book as a gift from Meirik to help you explore the course topics further.

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What do our students say about our training?

Great mixture of interactivity and passive learning, even so it was remote it didn't feel as tiring as Zoom meetings normally are

Natalie Buncher

Super interactive, engaging. I loved this play at the beginning. The mix of theory and practice was perfect. I liked the break out rooms a lot!

Joran Lee

Sharing examples from trainers experience, examples through videos, well-prepared materials, very interesting exercises.

Kate Jose

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