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Avoid Common Mistakes in Scrum Master Assessments

We'll tell you how to avoid mistakes and pass the exam!

Created by trainers who know the secrets of students' most common mistakes

Ensure success in the Scrum Master assessment

24/7 lifetime access for just £99

We help passing Scrum Master assessments
We help passing Scrum Master assessments
We help passing Scrum Master assessments
We help passing Scrum Master assessments
We help passing Scrum Master assessments
We help passing Scrum Master assessments

Passing Scrum Master assessment might be tough

You have only 60 minutes, there are 80 questions, including multiple-choice, the passing score is 85%. Each attempt to pass costs you $200!

Don’t waste your money, time, and confidence. Pass the exam with flying colours!

Our video shows how to avoid the most common mistakes in Professional Scrum Master Assessments.

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Gain experts’ insights

Benefit from their experience that extends beyond textbooks. Avoid the pitfalls and missteps.

Pass the Scrum Master assessment

Save time and effort. Position yourself for a remarkable career.

Navigate your career successfully

Become a professional Scrum Master and develop your carrer

With over 5,000 satisfied Meirik students, our Video Guide was created on a track record of students' results.

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Awesome SCRUM with Meirik
It's a one place to help you discover, understand and advance your SCRUM knowledge and practice. Meirik's team is so focused, determined, and committed that you have no other way than succeed + friendly and very supportive))). I participated in 4 trainings and successfully passed all of them (PSMII, PSPOI, PSPOII, PSUI). What can I add? I just recommend that team: 10/10 (NSP score)))))

Dmitrii T


Meirik - always the best experience
Learning with Meirik trainers is always the best experience. They, besides their knowledge, know how to find the best pace to gain the information. They can "feel" what will be the best way to conduct the training. For sure! I'll back to the Meirik for more.

Marcin Niziol


This was my third Meirik course
This was my third Meirik course, and they have all been of the utmost quality. The Meirik trainers are highly knowledgeable and very skilled at delivery, maintaining a high level of energy and participation. The use of break-out rooms and virtual whiteboards delivered a learning environment that in some ways surpassed physical training. Highly recommended.



It was WOW
It was not a "Course", it was an exciting journey. I strongly recommend Meirik and Pawel if you want to make a deep dive into the PO area



Great training experience
Thanks for the amazing training opportunity, Meirik did a great job! The trainer was super knowledgeable and a very nice person in general. The lessons were very well structured, the content was useful and there were loads of practical exercises. Greatly recommend this training to everyone1

Juliya Zinovjeva


Fully engages for the whole training...
Fully engaged for the whole training period, instructor was knowledgeable and experience shared helped enhance the material


Great Britain

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Let us help you with overcoming the challenges of career changers.

Created by trainers who know the secrets of students' most common mistakes

24/7 lifetime access for just £99

Ensure success in the Scrum Master assessment

Learn at your own pace

Common questions

The video is a comprehensive guide created by industry professionals and trainers who understand the most common errors made during the Professional Scrum Master assessments. It covers insights, tips, and strategies to help you avoid these mistakes, enabling a higher chance of passing the assessments successfully.

By understanding and sidestepping common pitfalls, you'll save valuable time, effort, and money. This preparation will position you to achieve a passing score of 85% or higher, securing your certification as a Scrum Master and paving the way for a successful career in this field.

Yes, you have 24/7 access to the video content. Once purchased, you can learn at your own pace and revisit the material whenever needed. There are no time constraints on accessing the video.

This guided video goes beyond textbooks and standard study materials. It offers insights and strategies derived from industry experience, providing a practical approach to help you avoid specific mistakes commonly made during the PSM assessments.

Absolutely. This video is designed to assist individuals at various stages of their Scrum Master journey, including beginners, intermediates and career changers. It provides insights to help navigate the challenges commonly faced during the assessment process.

Yes, definitely. This guided video is tailored to help you understand and rectify the common mistakes made during the assessment. It's an excellent resource for those aiming to improve their performance after a prior attempt.

The video was meticulously crafted by a team of industry professionals and experienced Professional Scrum Trainers dedicated to providing valuable insights and strategies for Scrum Master assessments.

Meirik is a catalyst for profound transformations in individuals and organisations, committed to enabling success in the digital age. Our guide, meticulously crafted by our experienced team of trainers and management consultants, aims to steer aspiring Scrum Masters away from common pitfalls. We created this resource to offer practical insights and strategies, ensuring individuals avoid mistakes and excel in Professional Scrum Master assessments, aligning with our mission of fostering deep, sustainable change in careers.

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