Free of charge training sessions for Ukrainian residents and refugees

In 2024, our commitment to supporting Ukraine remains unwavering! Once again, for another consecutive year, we are dedicated to offering free-of-charge opportunities for upskilling and cross-skilling to Ukrainian refugees and residents (currently in Ukraine). We are here to help you in making a fresh start and reviewing your career.

Meirik’s mission

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Наша місія - це трансформація за допомогою розвитку потенціалу, тому ми продовжуємо робити те, що вміємо найкраще.

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Our mission is to transform through capability building, so we continue to do what we can do best.

Important details

To make the best choice, please familiarise yourself with course descriptions and see which class best suits your needs.

  • There are 4 free-of-charge seats available for each class.

  • The rule is first come, first served.*

  • Choose the class wisely and make sure you participate on the given date. Do not take away the chance of those who really need it.

  • Get familiar with Support for Ukrainian residents & refugees Terms & Conditions here

* We cannot guarantee you the training seat. If the number of willing participants exceeds four, we'll open a waiting list.

Available classes

This class list is continuously updated and shows training for 8 weeks ahead.

No seats available

Professional Scrum with User Experience™ (PSU)

20-21 May 2024

9:00 - 17:00 GMT

Pawel Felinski
Live Virtual Class in English

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Please remember, we cannot guarantee you the training seat. If the number of willing participants exceeds four, we'll open a waiting.
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About Meirik

We are a team of consultants, trainers, and coaches. Our mission is to transform through capability building. We believe that all people and organisations can achieve audacious goals; we are the enablers who build the extraordinary capabilities you need to succeed. We invite you to join our training classes and make a fresh start or revive in a professional environment.

Trainers Volunteers

Wojciech Walczak
Managing Director, Principal Consultant
Pawel Rola
Managing Consultant
Pawel Felinski
Director, Principal Consultant

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