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Applying Professional Scrum™

Applying Professional Scrum™


Applying Professional Scrum™ is a hands-on, activity-based course where students experience how professional Scrum and the Scrum framework improve their ability to deliver value compared to traditional methods. Scrum provides a better way of working that highlights experimentation, incremental delivery of customer value, frequent feedback loops and the fostering of strong team dynamics.

In this 8 hour class students learn to apply professional Scrum. They experience new, Agile ways of working that enable teams to deliver more value, satisfy stakeholders and work better together. Students work together as a team in a series of Sprints to solve complex problems, facing similar challenges that they face outside of class and learning how to use Scrum to address them. These Sprints enable students to see the practical application of Scrum and to understand the value of an Agile mindset. Additionally, these Sprints expose common missteps and misunderstandings often seen while using Scrum, allowing students to understand the associated symptoms and how to correct them. Students not only learn Scrum; they learn how to use Scrum well.

Target audience

The Applying Professional Scrum™ is excellent training for organisations, teams, and individuals wanting to experience the benefits of Scrum, or for those interested in continuing their learning with more advanced training:

  • Professionals who are part of a team that currently uses Scrum but desire a refresher so that they get the most out of their use of Scrum
  • Professionals who are joining a team that currently uses Scrum
  • Professionals who don't use Scrum directly but want to learn how to work with colleagues that use Scrum
  • Professionals who want to investigate if Scrum makes sense for them and their colleagues
  • Professionals who are part of an organisation that intends to use Scrum soon
  • Teams who are learning to use Scrum together in their organisations
  • Professionals wishing to continue their education with role-focused (Scrum Master, Product Owner, Developer, Leader) accountabilities in and outside Scrum
  • Introduction
  • Fundamentals of Scrum
  • Exploring the Scrum framework
  • Deeper into the Scrum framework
  • Planning with Scrum
  • Getting started
  • Summary
Aims and Objectives
  • Learn about agility and how Scrum differs from traditional plan-driven work models
  • Develop an Agile mindset by focusing on professionalism, experimentation, and outcomes
  • Get to know the fundamentals of Scrum and how to apply them correctly
  • Develop an understanding of what it is like to use Scrum and if it is suitable for your team
  • Learn how to be a great Scrum Team member or how to support a great Scrum Team
  • Leave the class with ways to identify common pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Explore proven practices that can be used to enhance the application of Scrum
  • Identify the first steps in applying professional Scrum in a team

There are no set prerequisites to attend the course.


Training tailored to customer's needs, with real-life examples adjusted to your industry

  • Our courses are always delivered by experienced practitioners who actively participate in Agile business transformations on a daily basis.
  • Small training group (up to 12 participants) means each participant has a quality experience with maximum interaction with the trainer and other participants.
  • Included within the course price is one attempt at PSM I assessment which leads to industry-recognised Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) certificate upon achieving the pass mark.
  • Participants can receive 14 PDU points from the Project Management Institute.
  • Participants receive all necessary course materials.

Participants receive a book as a gift fromMeirik to help them explore the course topics further.

What do our students say about our training?

Great mixture of interactivity and passive learning, even so it was remote it didn't feel as tiring as Zoom meetings normally are

Natalie Buncher

Super interactive, engaging. I loved this play at the beginning. The mix of theory and practice was perfect. I liked the break out rooms a lot!

Joran Lee

Sharing examples from trainers experience, examples through videos, well-prepared materials, very interesting exercises.

Kate Jose

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This training available in English and Polish
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8 hours
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