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Kanban Systems Improvement

Kanban Systems Improvement


Kanban Systems Improvement is a 16 hour course that explores how to improve customer outcomes beyond the initial benefits realised from a successful Kanban implementation. Students learn how to manage and evolve a Kanban system, scale Kanban within organisations, and gain the knowledge and skills needed to bring interconnected services, which span across multiple teams, closer to fit for purpose.

Students completing the course will:

  • know how to use Kanban as an evolutionary change method,
  • have a fundamental understanding of different levels of maturity of Kanban in your organisation
  • be able to identify services within your organisation
  • know the three dimensions of scaling up Kanban
  • know how to use Kanban cadences to improve enterprise services delivery
  • know the difference between Upstream and Downstream Kanban, and how to utilise them best
  • be able to perform basic analysis of flow measurements
  • know different causes of variability and how to work with bottlenecks
Target audience

This course is suited for those currently using a Kanban system, have prior experience with Kanban, or are currently in the Kanban Management Professional training series (attended Kanban System Design course). This includes but is not limited to:

  • Managers, e.g. delivery leads, project or program managers
  • Agile practitioners, e.g. Agile Coaches, Service Delivery Managers or Scrum Masters
  • Roles dedicated to maximising the value delivered, e.g. portfolio managers, Product Owners, product managers, or business analysts
  • Introduction
  • Kanban as an evolutionary change method
  • Kanban for the enterprise
  • Feedback loops
  • Improvement techniques
  • Evolutionary change
  • Summary
Aims and Objectives
  • Learn how to manage evolutionary change
  • Learn how to deal with resistance to change
  • Get to know how to utilise the Kanban feedback loops to evolve and improve your Kanban system and the network of interconnected services
  • Learn about different approaches to scaling Kanban in the organisation
  • Explore techniques to optimise the flow of value in your organisation and predictability of service delivery
  • Learn about the flow metrics and how to analyse them
  • Learn tools for balancing demand and capacity, including managing variability, improving flow, and shaping demand
  • Learn how to use Upstream Kanban for maximising the value of work
  • Know how to manage dependencies across multiple Kanban systems

The Kanban Systems improvement (KSI) course is aimed at people who are currently using a Kanban system, have prior experience with Kanban, or attended Kanban System Design class.


Training tailored to customer's needs, with real-life examples adjusted to your industry

  • Courses always delivered by experienced Scrum practitioners who on a daily basis actively participate in Agile business transformations.
  • Small training group adjusted to your needs allows for a maximum focus and quality experience of the interactive workshop.
  • Kanban Systems Improvement attendance certificate.
  • The training is also the second course (after Kanban System Design) required to complete the industry-recognised Kanban Management Professional (KMP) credential.
  • All necessary course materials
  • An e-book as a gift from Kanban University to help you explore the course topics further.

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What do our students say about our training?

Great mixture of interactivity and passive learning, even so it was remote it didn't feel as tiring as Zoom meetings normally are

Natalie Buncher

Super interactive, engaging. I loved this play at the beginning. The mix of theory and practice was perfect. I liked the break out rooms a lot!

Joran Lee

Sharing examples from trainers experience, examples through videos, well-prepared materials, very interesting exercises.

Kate Jose

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This training available in English and Polish
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Live Virtual Class
16 hours
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