Redeeming your Voucher

Meirik’s Voucher system has been designed to support professional development processes & continuous learning by enabling the scheduled classes participants to enjoy another session with Meirik at a discounted price.

Each scheduled class delivered by Meirik has its value expressed in Meirik Coins. Meirik offers a Voucher after each scheduled session to encourage further development with 30% of the course value, expressed in Meirik Coins. The Meirik Coins (Vouchers) can be used to attend Meirik scheduled classes for individuals at a discounted price.

  • From the currently available Meirik’s scheduled classes offer, choose a session you’d like to attend.
  • You can check the value of each class in our Training Portfolio.
  • Contact us at with a wish to redeem your Voucher(s), and let us know the chosen course name and date. Don’t forget to add your Voucher code as well!
  • We will activate your code and share further information on completing the registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate the discount?

The discount amount is calculated by dividing the number of Meirik Coins you wish to redeem by the number of Meirik Coins required to join the course.

Can I combine multiple Vouchers to sign up for a single course?

Yes. If you decide to use multiple Vouchers for a single course, we will treat them the same way as a single Voucher of the value equal to the combined value of your Vouchers.

A course requires fewer Meirik Coins than on my Voucher(s). Will I lose the not redeemed Meirik coins?

If the number of Meirik Coins on the Voucher(s) exceeds the course’s value, the remaining Meirik Coins won’t be lost! We’ll issue you a new Voucher covering the difference.

Please also get acquainted with the Usage of Meirik Coins and Vouchers Terms & Conditions.

In case of any questions, feel free to contact us at