Redeeming your voucher

  1. Choose the course you would like to attend. Current list of our upcoming public classes is available here.
  2. Check the number of Meirik Coins on your voucher against the required Merik Coins for the selected course. After selecting date of your class on our website, you will be informed how many Meirik Coins you need.
  3. Contact us on and let us know the chosen course name and date. Don’t forget to add your voucher code!
  4. We will activate your code and share back further information how to complete your enrollment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I don’t have enough Meirik Coins to cover the course. Can I use my voucher?
    Yes, you can. If you don't have enough Meirik Coins on your voucher to sign up for a selected training course, you will receive a discount. The size of a discount is calculated by dividing the number of Coins you have by the number of Coins required for the course.
  2. A course requires less Meirik Coins than on my voucher. Will I lose the excess?
    If the number of Meirik Coins on the voucher exceeds the course’s value, don’t worry they won’t be lost! You will receive a new voucher with the remaining amount.
  3. Can I combine multiple vouchers to sign up for a single course?
    Yes, if you decide to use multiple vouchers for a single course, we will treat them the same way as a single voucher of the value equal to the combined value of your vouchers.

In case of any questions feel free to contact us or see terms and conditions.