How to Become an Enterprise Agile Coach

How to Become an Enterprise Agile Coach

Discover the Secrets of Enterprise Agile Coaching with Meirik!

✅ Unveiling the Role: Paweł Feliński and Pete Schibli, two seasoned Agile experts, will unravel Enterprise Agile Coaches' mysteries. Is it just another trendy job title, or does it stand as a distinct profession? Our speakers will dive deeply into the topic, exchange their points of view and share experiences.

✅ Insider Insights: Paweł and Pete reached out to several well-recognised enterprise-level Agile coaches and ran short interviews with them. That helped them identify the critical success factors and verify many myths about the role.

✅ The Capabilities (not only skills!): Get to know the unique capabilities needed to operate on the enterprise level successfully. 

✅ Your Roadmap: If you are aspiring to become an Enterprise Agile Coach, Paweł and Pete will guide you through the steps to kickstart or advance your career in this field.

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Meet the speakers

Pawel Felinski

Paweł is a management consultant working in the fields of strategy execution and new product development. Recently, he has been involved in business transformations with Agile in the energy industry. Paweł brings a pragmatic and method-agnostic approach to problem-solving.

Pete Schibli

For the last several years, Pete has been applying agile in novel fields such as heavy engineering, exploration, new product development, and joint ventures. He’s committed to helping people create conditions that maximise good outcomes – and he’s conscious that after a lifetime's work in this field, Pete’s only scratching the surface of what is possible.

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How to Become an Enterprise Agile Coach

Join Paweł Feliński and Pete Schibli, seasoned Agile experts, as they demystify the role of Enterprise Agile Coaches, drawing from their extensive experience in various industries. Gain insider insights from interviews with renowned Agile coaches and learn the unique capabilities required for success at the enterprise level. Whether you're aspiring to become an Enterprise Agile Coach or seeking to advance your career in this field, Paweł and Pete will provide you with a roadmap to success.
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