About the speakers

Pawel Felinski

Paweł is a management consultant working in the fields of strategy execution and new product development. Recently, he has been involved in business transformations with Agile in the energy industry. Paweł brings a pragmatic and method-agnostic approach to problem-solving.

Scott Oliver

Scott is an Enterprise Agile coach and consultant with 10 years of experience. He is passionated about improving collaboration and interactivity between teams. Scott builds valuable and trusting customer relationships by delivering outcomes specific to their needs.

Webinar Info

OKR is a goal-setting system creating alignment and engagement around measurable and ambitious goals. Used by companies such as Google, Netflix, or Linkedin. Get to know it.

  • What is OKR?
  • OKR example
  • Where to use OKR?
  • Typical pitfalls
  • OKR vs KPI - what's the difference?
  • Q&A session
Upcoming webinar
April 13th, 18:00 GMT / 19:00 CET

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