About the speakers

Pawel Felinski

Paweł is a management consultant working in the fields of strategy execution and new product development. Recently, he has been involved in business transformations with Agile in the energy industry. Paweł brings a pragmatic and method-agnostic approach to problem-solving.

Michael Murphy

Michael Murphy is an experienced senior product manager and innovator with experience across many industries and technologies, particularly cybersecurity, fintech/insurtech, location tracking, data science, machine learning, and digital marketing. Previously a physicist, software engineer, and innovation consultant.

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Product value maximisation is the key accountability of the Product Owner. The Product Owner ideates and manages the value for the whole trio: user, customer, and business. But is it possible to delegate some of these responsibilities?

  • Can the Product Owner stick with accountability but leave responsibility?
  • What should the Product Owner delegate, and what not necessarily?
  • When should the Product Owner delegate?
  • Is the Product Owner alone in their role?

Paweł Felinski and our special guest Michael Murphy covered all of the above, so sit tight and get ready for great insight into how you can make your professional life easier!

Upcoming webinar
April 13th, 18:00 GMT / 19:00 CET

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