What's Possible with Kanban

Kanban is more than just a visual project management tool; it's a work management method that helps to optimise organisational processes and maximise efficiency, which we simply call flow.

In this webinar, Pawel and Tony will take you on a deep dive into the world of Kanban, demonstrating how it can be a game-changer for your Agile practices.

Key topics

  • Kanban Confusions -Kanban Board, Kanban system, Kanban method - what's the difference? 
  • Kanban Principles - Discover the core principles that drive Kanban and make teams successful
  • Kanban in Practice - What's possible? Visibility, focus, teamwork, predictability, and how.
  • Success Stories - Explore past experiences of applying Kanban in unusual situations
  • Q&A Session - Get your questions answered by our experts 

Who is this session for?

Anyone seeking work methods that ensure:

  • greater predictability of the flow,
  • customer orientation,
  • visibility of the flow
  • team involvement, quality,
  • lack of multitasking and work disruptions,
Webinar transcription

Meet the speakers

Pawel Felinski

Paweł is a management consultant working in the fields of strategy execution and new product development. Recently, he has been involved in business transformations with Agile in the energy industry. Paweł brings a pragmatic and method-agnostic approach to problem-solving.

Tony Richards

Agile consultant, coach, and Scrum Master with 20 years experience across public and private organisations. He has a passion for coaching, focusing on exploring personal motivation and team dynamics. Tony is adept at uncovering individual motivations, so coaching interventions focus on individual needs and organisational outcomes. 

Past webinars

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Adopting Agile Mindset

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February 1, 2022

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