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What are the characteristics of a good Product Owner?

A question that many people have already asked themselves and some will ask for the first time: what are the characteristics of a good Product Owner?

Can a Scrum Master be a Product Owner?

Practice suggests that Product Owner and Scrum Master are meant for 2 separate individuals.

Isn’t the Product Owner simply an Agile product manager?

Product ownership is commonly associated with product management. Although for some, at first sight, they are the same things, there are important differences between them.

Product Owner Wishlist

Once the Product Owner knows the product inside and out, it's much easier to tackle the other main area of accountability - the Product Backlog management.

Excuse me, what exactly is the Product Owner?

The Product Owner is one out of three roles in Scrum and is accountable for 100% of the product. Ready for more?

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